-  Paralegal Services -


Paralegal Services include compilation and review of documents in the chain of title of a specific asset or relationship. On a daily basis the Paralegal personnel at Jewell Analytics are reviewing the title exceptions in title commitments, requesting underlying documents that are cited in title exceptions, and conducting title research at the county registry of deeds to locate missing or requested documents. Jewell Analytics Paralegals also conduct research on specific properties for bank and attorney review. Often there are title exceptions in title commitments that should be struck before the policy is written, in those instances our Paralegal staff will, on behalf of the bank, research and present the case for removal of an exception to the title company or law firm for agency and attorney review.*

*Jewell Analytics Group paralegals review existing legal documents provided to us by our Clients.  It is assumed that documents provided are compiled from title searches performed by bar certified attorneys.  Our review is at the behest of our client and our work is ultimately subject to review by the Client’s counsel.  Jewell is not a law firm and we do not practice law.

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