-  Marketability Reports  -


Marketability Reports include a custom map for each asset (including digital GPS Coordinates, easements of record, tax parcel data, and aerial photo overlay). In addition, the appraisal, title commitment, and county tax files are compared for inconsistencies of reported parcel identification number(s), owner data, and acreage, which define the total real property holdings of the asset. In the event the three sources conflict, Jewell Analytics personnel work with the title company to resolve the conflict; this often requires the title company to update the title. Delinquent taxes are also included in the report listed both as the total outstanding tax burden and as a percentage of the appraised value of the property. The Jewell Analyst reads each exception on the title commitment to determine if the items affect marketability or value of the asset. In the event an easement is listed as an exception, the Analyst places an easement location request with the Jewell GIS Department and the approximate easement location is placed on the map. Once complete, the report is submitted to a bank officer who reviews the current status of the asset (Red, Yellow or Green flag system) and the recommendation section for possible legal review, update of appraisal, or further due diligence needs.

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