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Nabil M Droby

GIS Manager


Nabil Droby is the GIS Manager for Jewell Analytics Group leading a team of seasoned GIS Analysts. Nabil and his team generate parcel maps for current and potential bank assets and delineate detrimental issues that could impact the development, marketability, and value of the collateral. By georeferencing and digitizing metes and bounds descriptions, easements of record, and natural/environmental features, Nabil’s team provides a powerful tool for analyzing the collateral. Nabil graduated from the Institute of Technology/Baghdad in 1987 with an Associate’s Degree in Civil Engineering.  Nabil also earned an Associate’s Degree in Geospatial Technologies from CPCC in 2013.  Prior to joining Jewell, Nabil spent 15 years in construction design, management, supervision, and inspection.  Nabil’s expertise in CAD Software, ArcGIS, MapInfo, Google Earth, and editing software has been a key to the success of Jewell’s GIS Department since he joined the team in 2012.


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