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Jewell Analytics' services provide Real Estate Professionals valuable tools to assist buyers, sellers, and agents in analyzing and marketing property.  Our detailed analysis of the property provides a snapshot of the issues that impact the property.  Our Marketability Report is a unique and powerful tool that addresses all facets of the potential investment’s marketability and value.  It provides comprehensive analysis of issues that could prove detrimental to the property’s marketability, value, and development potential.  Our in house Paralegals thoroughly review complex issues appurtenant to the property and partner with our G.I.S. Department to locate and provide a custom map of easements that have a material impact on the property.

Our Paralegal personnel review title policy exceptions and the underlying documents, compiled by and subject to review by the client’s legal counsel, and analyze their impact on the asset.  Our Custom Mapping and Database Management services provide detailed interactive and navigable maps depicting the asset locations with satellite imagery and information specific to the property.   In identifying the issues, further Due Diligence can be performed to correct issues before marketing the property for sale.

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